Mr. Judah

Posted October 09, 2012
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September 22, 2012

Who's the cutest baby you've ever seen??

"Baby" Things

Posted October 08, 2012
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September 12, 2012

When Luke was a baby, I swear I had nothing to entertain him with.  I spent that first summer stopping at every garage sale, searching for cheap and decent toys to take home.  Slowly our house began to fill with baby things.  It happened so gradually, I didn't even notice it.  But now that Judah is here, it has come to my attention that we had achieved, no wait, we have gone past, way past, the point of toy-capacity. 

Where did all this stuff come from?  Baby supplies seem to multiply faster than a basket of bread and fish blessed by Jesus.  I trip over them all day long as I make my way through the house.  And so now two years later I am actually purging our baby stash, giving things away to any friends, family, or thrift stores that will take them.  I figure that Judah can play with Luke's toys as he grows, so I don't need to have all those "age-specific" toys anymore.

Luke, however, has the opposite opinion.  To him, Judah's stuff is way cool.  I catch him playing with Judah's things all the time when I'm not looking.  For example,

(Luke has stolen all of the animals from Judah's play mat, and has taken to sleeping with them at night.)

So I guess that Judah is stuck getting his big brother's hand-me-downs, even if they're technically "baby" things.  Although honestly, he doesn't really seem to mind. :)

Judah's Smiles

Posted October 07, 2012
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September 7, 2012

What makes a mother's heart melt? Nothing does it quite like those little newborn smiles.  Judah's gives us plenty of them these days.  It really doesn't matter what he's up to - crying, eating, or chewing on something (and yes that's a complete list of all his wake-time activities), as soon as he sees a smiling face, he stops whatever he's doing and breaks out a huge grin.

Gosh we just love him!

At the Zoo with little Matthew (it rhymes if you say it right)

Posted October 06, 2012
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September 6, 2012

I haven't been to John Ball Zoo in ages.  Our friends have a membership, and Luke is VERY excited about animals, so we decided that we had to make a trip.  Even though the summer activities are over for the fall, Luke and his friend Matthew still had a great time as there was much to do there. They spotted lots of animals:

played on the African drums:

and (predictably Luke's favorite part) climbed all over the wooden train.

Thanks Alisha and Matthew for a fabulous morning!

Friends from "far away"

Posted September 28, 2012
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August 30, 2012

My long-time friend Angela lives in California. That doesn't mean our kids can't be pals. In fact, Luke and Emma have met several times in the course of their short lives.  Angela, Emma, and baby David came for a visit at the end of August, and we had a blast together.  One highlight was our visit to Frederik Meijer Gardens.

Then it was dinner together at Grandma Becky and Papa Doug's house.  Luke showed us that he knows how to really capture a woman.

And finally, a morning play date with my old high school buds and our kiddos. Almost everyone made it into this shot (sorry Evelyn)!

As I write this post, its about a month since their visit, but Luke still asks about Emma a few times a week.  Our typical conversation goes something like this:

Luke: Where Emma?

Me: She's at her house.

Luke: Where Emma house?

Me: In California.

Luke: What that mean?

Me: Far away.

How do you explain these things to a 2-year-old?  Still, I'm grateful that they can know each other.  Thanks for the visit guys!

Family Day at the Cottage

Posted September 13, 2012
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August 26, 2012

For many years, Sam's parents and his aunts and uncles have set aside one afternoon a month for a family get-together, where they have a meal, catch up, pray, and exchange gifts.  I have always loved these family times and appreciate the valuable relationships that they've allowed me to develop with Sam's aunts and uncles and cousins.  So I suggested to my in-town siblings that we try to do something similar - get together once a month to catch up with each other and give our kiddos a chance to stay connected.

Our very first of these "family days" took place at the cottage today, and we had a great time.  Though the water was chilly, it didn't stop the big kids from swimming and splashing to their hearts' content.  But we did manage to stop them briefly for one cute photo op.

Paige and Judah were very content to be held and smiled at all afternoon.  Look at this adorable pair :)

August Activities

Posted September 13, 2012
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August 25, 2012

I finally realized just how busy we've been lately when Luke woke up one morning and asked me, "Whose house we going to today Mommy?"  Wow.  Does he really expect that we'll see someone every day?  The truth is, we pretty much do.  My two stay-at-home-mom friends Mindie and Allison do a LOT of kid swapping with me, so Luke sees his friends all the time.  Here is the whole gang together.  Six boys - my oh my!

When we are at home, we are usually enjoying our new basement or our "new" backyard - new as in, its finally not 100 degrees outside and we can actually play out there.  I was setting up the pool for Luke a lot until I realized that his favorite activity is just filling the pool with water.  So now I skip the pool and just turn on the hose, and he's entertained for a LONG time.

Judah continues to grow much too quickly for me.  I wish he would just stop it already and stay a newborn forever. Sigh.  The things Judah likes to do lately is grin at me, coo, and try to decide which finger is best to suck on.  He usually decides that doesn't like any of them, gives up, and whines 'till I give him his pacifier.

"Two HALF!"

Posted September 13, 2012
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August 11, 2012

Luke was very excited to learn this morning that he is no longer two, but two and a half.  If you ask him how old he is now, he'll proudly exclaim, "two HALF!"

Luke and his half cake

Trying to make 2 and a 1/2 fingers

And just for a walk down memory lane...




Hanging out on White Lake

Posted September 09, 2012
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July 28-August 4, 2012

For vacation this summer, the Williamson family gathered for a week at White Lake in Whitehall, MI.  The lake is gorgeous and has a channel to Lake Michigan, which was great for sailing. We had a great time just being together, indoors:

and out:

What a great looking family!

An evening on the beach

Posted September 09, 2012
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August 1, 2012

One of the best things about our vacation was that we were only a 15 minute boat ride from the beaches of Lake Michigan. One evening the whole clan went for a ride and we beached onshore for an evening of fun.  

There was dinner:




dune climbing:

and camaraderie:


(Jonathan and Sam, what can I say. You're glowing.)