For love of cloth

Posted July 03, 2012
Posted by Michele

Today was Judah's first day in cloth diapers! I was so excited to be able to start him in them this early, thanks to my sister who handed down a few of her smaller cloth diapers for me to use.  Doesn't he look handsome?

If you know any cloth diapering mamas, you know that we can be a little obsessive about our love of cloth.  Sam certainly thought I had lost my mind when I suggested that we bring cloth diapers with us on all our upcoming vacations. 

What can I say? It's somehow just so satisfying to be able to decorate and celebrate an area of parenting that is, in all other aspects, quite tedious and honestly downright nasty too.  In a way, isn't that what being a mom is all about?

My boys

Posted July 03, 2012
Posted by Michele

July 3, 2012

We've been enjoying getting to know our new "normal" around here in the Williamson household.  Judah has been a very easy baby so far, but the newborn "honeymoon" phase of sleeping around the clock is quickly coming to an end.  We are finding it more and more difficult to help him fall asleep.  The poor child just does not like to be on his back.  What he does love is:

1. being held. (sadly this is a luxury we can't do 24/7)

2. being on his tummy. (sadly we can't indulge in this position either)

I watched our little man wake up from the nap in this picture yesterday. To my surprise, he stuck his face in the mattress, got very angry, pushed himself up on his hands, and rolled over to his back.  ???  Watch out world for the wrath of Judah!

Luke adores his little brother.  He asks to see him and hold him all day long.  Towards Mommy and Daddy, however, he has been far less adoring.  Um, that's putting it nicely.  I guess someone's decided its time to bring out his big bad terrible-two self at last.

Can't get too mad at him, though, when he looks so darn cute.

Hello, Paige

Posted June 29, 2012
Posted by Michele

Friday, June 29, 2012

Luke was lucky enough to have two cousins born within a month of him.  Now our little Judah is just as lucky.  He and I got a chance to meet his newest cousin, Paige Judith DeJong (born 6.19.12) last week when we visited her and her parents in the Mt. Pleasant hospital. 

Getting pictures of newborns is always a challenge, especially when they're awake.

See what I mean??

With all that blond hair, I think they could be twins!

Judah Richard Take 2

Posted June 29, 2012
Posted by Michele

They say you take less pictures of your second child than your first. I guess that's true. After all, 500 is less than 1,000.

Here are some more pics of Judah's first week.

Ten reasons why I'm thankful I'm not pregnant

Posted June 24, 2012
Posted by Sam

sunday, june 24, 2012

We prayed for many months for the opportunity to be pregnant again, and I am very thankful that God gave us that opportunity.  Having said that, I have to admit that the last nine months have been very difficult for me.  So while I'm grateful for the pregnancy, I'm even more grateful that it's finally over with.  And here's why.

Top 10 Reasons I'm Thankful I'm Not Pregnant

1. Our air conditioner broke yesterday. Can you say THANK YOU LORD it lasted through the pregnancy!?

2. I have not peed in over four hours.

3. I can pick things up off of the floor again.

4. Luke asks to hold Judah about 10 times a day and its SO CUTE...

5. I have no heartburn.

6. I get snuggle time all day long.

7. Every time I lay down, I'm asleep in under 5 minutes.

8. This Oberon I'm drinking right now is awesome.

9. No one is kicking me (from inside my body, anyway).

10. This face:

And if that isn't a good enough reason, I don't know what is. <3

Day 366

Posted June 15, 2012
Posted by Michele

...thursday, june 14, 2012...day 366...

Well here we are, the very last day of my 365 project! (Okay, looking back, I probably should have dubbed it a "366" project, but really I don't think that has the same ring to it.)  The point is that I have been a stay at home mom for one full year!  And what a wonderful year it has been.

I was hoping to do some reflecting today, on this my last day of this year-long endeavor.  Sadly it turns out that the 39th week of pregnancy is not a great time to do reflecting, or really any other cohesive thinking for that matter.  So that blog post will have to wait.  Hopefully for now it will be enough to say, its been a great year, and I wouldn't trade my time at home with Luke for anything.  I love him so much that its hard to believe I'll soon have room in my heart to love ANOTHER little boy as much as I love this one!

Luke is very excited about the birth of his little brother (especially since it was made clear to him that Grandma will be coming to stay when the baby comes).  His understanding of the whole birth process is limited, of course.  He tells me, "Baby asleep. Mommy push! Baby wake up."  I think that's pretty good for a little guy who can't count from 1 to 10 without forgetting the number 4.   

He did inform me this week that the baby will be coming out of my belly button.  I really didn't feel the need to correct him ;)

Love and blessings to you all from the Williamson household.  Thanks for sticking with us this year!  We hope to have great news to share with you soon!

Singing on the Potty

Posted June 13, 2012
Posted by Michele

...wednesday, june 13, 2012...day 365...

Luke spent a very productive 15 minutes on the potty this evening.  He got all of his business done while composing a little masterpiece. He actually spent the ENTIRE 15 minutes singing to himself, but I've included just a little 2 minute clip of his musical talents for you to enjoy.

Chef Luke

Posted June 12, 2012
Posted by Michele

...tuesday, june 12, 2012...day 364...


Posted June 11, 2012
Posted by Michele

...monday, june 11, 2012...day 363...

Things are moving QUICKLY downstairs!  We ordered the carpet last week, and now we're putting the finishing touches on the walls & trim in the play room.  My assigned project was to create an accent wall for the room.  I thought about using wall paper but decided that was too expensive.  Then I considered stenciling the whole wall, which my friend Sarah convinced me would be WAY too much work. With her help, I decided on STRIPES. 

Sarah came over last weekend to help with the tedious part: the taping.  It probably would have been less tedious if we hadn't measured up from the (uneven) floor and ended up with two different walls with stripes a 1/2 foot off.  After a second round of measuring and taping, we were on our way.

We learned lots of techniques from this website http://www.centsationalgirl.com/2010/11/how-to-paint-perfect-stripes-on-walls/.  The most helpful was to paint OVER the tape with the background color, to seal in the tape and prevent leaks.

The next day, miss very-pregnant filled in the stripes.

Here's a great picture, especially because it shows what Sam calls his "progress bar" up top.

And its done! Love our new look!