Getting Crafty to Pass the Time

Posted June 11, 2012
Posted by Michele

...sunday, june 10, 2012...day 362...

We've got about one week left to go before my due date, and anyone who has been here knows how s-l-o-w-l-y the days pass by while waiting for the baby to come.  Obviously I've made no plans for the next few weeks, but that leaves me with lots of time on my hands and intermittent energy to get things done. I have found that the best activities in these last few days include the following:

1. lots of creativity

2. no stress  

Unfortunately for Sam, neither cooking dinner or cleaning the house meet the criteria.

My lovely cousin Megan is getting married in a few weeks, so for her bridal shower I decided to get crafty and try my hand at a picnic blanket.  This turned out to be a super fun project, not the least because it included a luxurious two hour trip to browse Joann Fabrics for the perfect materials (and shopping definitely meets the criteria for waiting-for-baby activities).  Also I got to play with the fancy letter stitching on my mom's old sewing machine, which made for a fabulous personalized picnic blanket.

It's weighted, water-proof, machine washable, and ties up with a ribbon.  I love it so much, I think this week I'll see if I can find time to make one for myself!  Go ahead and take your time, baby, I've got plenty to do!

ps. Thanks to this website for the idea & how-tos: http://www.designsponge.com/2009/04/diy-wednesdays-picnic-blanke.html

A pool of our own at last

Posted June 09, 2012
Posted by Michele

...saturday, june 9, 2012...day 361...

Okay, its like, really hot outside.  

I finally caved this morning and drove to Meijer in search of a pool for our backyard.  Apparently it's not just my 9-month-pregnant self that can't stand the heat, because the kiddie pool section at the store were pretty cleared out.  Nevertheless, we were able to score a decent one, and brought it home today for hours and hours of enjoyment.

Why didn't we buy one of these weeks ago??

Welcome to the world, Noah Jonathan!!

Posted June 09, 2012
Posted by Michele

...friday, june 8, 2012...day 360...

We were so happy to hear the news this evening that Luke has a new baby cousin.  Noah Jonathan Williamson was welcomed into the world tonight in Ann Arbor by his proud parents David and Sarah.

As we are city-locked for the next few weeks, we won't be able to meet this adorable little guy until his younger cousin decides to make his arrival.  Hopefully he won't keep us waiting long. We can't wait to meet you Noah!


Posted June 09, 2012
Posted by Michele

...thursday, june 7, 2012...day 359...

Luke kept himself entertained for quite a while counting pennies this morning. (Thanks for the idea, Christy!)

Happy birthday Logan

Posted June 06, 2012
Posted by Michele

wednesday, june 6, 2012...day 358...

Never mind that it was only 60 degrees outside.  It was Logan's birthday yesterday, and dang it, the boys were going to have a pool party!  

And they loved every minute of it - blue lips and all :)

yogurt pops

Posted June 06, 2012
Posted by Michele

...tuesday, june 5, 2012...day 357...

Sam's latest invention: yogurt pops. Big hit for both of my boys.

38 weeks

Posted June 05, 2012
Posted by Michele

...monday, june 4, 2012...day 356...

dear baby w,

you can feel free to make an appearance any time now. we're ready when you are.

love, mommy

ps. if you are not ready to come out, could you at least consider getting your feet out of my rib cage. thanks.


Posted June 05, 2012
Posted by Michele

...sunday, june 3, 2012...day 355...

Congratulations, baby Grayson and family. We love you!

Tiling novices?

Posted June 05, 2012
Posted by Michele

...saturday, june 2, 2012...day 354...

More like tiling geniuses!

Lampshade Revamp

Posted June 01, 2012
Posted by Michele

...friday, june 1, 2012...day 353...

I think its time that I put evidence on this blog that Sam has not been the only busy bee in this house lately.  Although I spend about half of my free time laying on the couch wishing I could see my toes again, in the other hours I have somehow found some spare energy to get some projects done.  The latest of these projects has been recovering our lampshades.

We registered for three matching lamps for our wedding six years ago.  The tan burlap lampshades have never been a favorite of mine, and finally a few weeks ago I decided that they had to go.


Having never attempted to revamp a lampshade, I tried (and failed) at several methods, including:

- spray painting (did not stick)

- recovering the current lampshade (burlap still showed through the new fabric)

- buying new lampshades (none of them attached in the same way)

I even considered making my own lampshades from scratch, which did not sound like a very happy project to me.  However, I was saved when I discovered three self-adhesive ready-to-cover lampshades at Joanns Fabrics.  Not the cheapest option, but at least I could customize them however I wanted. I had a gorgeous piece of cloth that my friend Paula brought back from Africa that I had been saving for something special, and this turned out to be the perfect home for it. So here is the first lampshade:

Sadly I discovered afterword that this gorgeous fabric does not match any of the current decor in our house.  So the lamp has a temporary home as a bed side lamp in our bedroom until it can find a permanent home in the room in the basement.  I love it!

Although I was determined to do this the thrifty way, I could not find any fabric in my stash that I felt would go great in our living room.  So I picked up some new fabric at the store this evening, and here the final two lampshades are:

(here's a nice before & after)