and its...

Posted June 01, 2012
Posted by Michele

...thursday, may 31, 2012...day 352...


Basement drywall 1 2 3

Posted June 01, 2012
Posted by Michele

...tuesday, may 29, 2012...day 350...

As promised, here are some before, during, and after pictures of drywall.

Next up... sanding :)

Luke's First Boo-Boo

Posted May 29, 2012
Posted by Michele

...monday, may 28, 2012...day 249...

We enjoyed a productive Memorial Day today, and relaxed in the afternoon with a walk to the grocery store.  The air outside was HOT, so Sam and Luke decided to take a few runs through our neighbor's sprinkler.  Tripping and sliding on the wet sidewalk, it finally happened: Luke's first big boo-boo.

Sam did a great job showing Luke how totally cool band-aids are, and pretty soon he was back to better in no time.

Luke & Becca

Posted May 29, 2012
Posted by Michele

...sunday, may 27, 2012...day 348...

These two had so much fun together this weekend.  They were a charming pair at Grandpa's visitation yesterday, laughing and playing together.

You would think that, of the two, Luke would play the role of the bully. He's got at least 5 pounds and a few inches on her.  But low and behold, what did we see yesterday but Becca, chasing Luke around the yard dumping fist-fulls of sand all over him.

I guess that's what you get when a girl's got two older brothers to toughen her up.  Do not let that adorable face fool you...

Happy Driller

Posted May 26, 2012
Posted by Michele

...saturday, may 26, 2012...day 347...

Who gave that child a power tool?

Pool date

Posted May 25, 2012
Posted by Michele

...friday, may 25, 2012...day 346...

80 degrees and sunny? Sounds like a good afternoon for a pool date with Ian.

French Toast

Posted May 25, 2012
Posted by Michele

...thursday, may 24, 2012...day 345...

Luke had his first cooking lesson this morning: making french toast with Mommy.

His job was to dip the bread.

I think that this face means that it was good. ?


Posted May 25, 2012
Posted by Michele

...wednesday, may 23, 2012...day 344...

My dear grandfather, Peter DeJong, went home to be with his Lord today.  We are so thankful that he had 92 years of complete health and full quality of life.  I praise God for him and for the legacy of faith that he gave to my family.

Here is are my favorite pictures of Grandpa, taken at our wedding six years ago.  It was his 86th birthday.

We love you and we miss you!


Posted May 24, 2012
Posted by Michele

...tuesday, may 22, 2012...day 343...

Grandma's parting gift last weekend was a sandbox for Luke.  This simple toy has been a HUGE hit.... we've had hours of entertainment already!  The best part for me is that Luke is finally playing outside by himself.  My allergies are grateful :)

"it's a shark - raarrr!!"