Posted March 15, 2012
Posted by Michele

...monday, march 12, 2012....day 274...

Luke's vocabulary skills continue to grow, and as all toddlers do, he has developed a little language all of his own which we call "Lukese".  Many people tell me that his voice sounds "so cute", and if you don't agree with them, I don't want to know about it.  Since its inevitable that no one can understand Lukese except for his parents, I've included a translation guide for the next time you see him.

Boat Wawa - trs: I want to take a bath

Juice Wawa - trs: I want a sippy cup with 9/10 water and 1/10 apple juice (which for some reason I think is a real treat)

Pez Aqua - trs: I see a fish

Mickey Minnie - trs: I want to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Ehmo Beebird - trs: I want to watch Sesame street

Sissy Uke - trs: Look at me I'm being silly!

Crackers Cheese - trs: I want to eat my weight in cheese slices

Mo bahbies - trs: I want to eat my weight in berries/grapes/cherries

Yummy Pisa - trs: I had pizza sometime in the last year and I am just thinking about how yummy it was!

Aw Yeah

Posted March 15, 2012
Posted by Michele

...sunday, march 11, 2012...day 273...

give me your best caption for this hot pic...

Second Cousin Love

Posted March 15, 2012
Posted by Michele

...saturday, march 10, 2012...day 272...

Luke and his second cuz, Ezra :)

Simon the bear

Posted March 13, 2012
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...friday, march 9, 2012...day 271...

Once upon a time when we were very young and very in love, Sam gave me a teddy bear.  I probably slept with the bear every night out of affection for Sam or something very romantic like that...but honestly I don't remember anymore. ;)

Anyway somehow this bear ended up in Luke's toy basket, and lately Luke has taken a fancy to him.  I get a silly sort of satisfaction seeing that bear being hugged and loved by Luke... its cute.


Posted March 13, 2012
Posted by Michele

...thursday, march 8, 2012...day 270...

Luke now says two things when we pull into the Meijer parking lot. The first is "cookie!!" and the second is "horsie!"  As they give children free cookies at the cake counter, that is of course his first priority whenever we walk in the door, and he will not stop talking about his cookie until it is in hand.  But after he gets his cookie, Luke proceeds right onto bugging me about sitting on Sandy the horse.  

As Luke learned at Grandma & Grandpa W's house, horses eat apples.  It's unfortunate that, from where he sits on Sandy, Luke can see the full display of apples in the produce section.  Every time Luke insists that we get an apple to feed Sandy, for as he says, "horsie eat apple yummy!!!"  I have tried to explain to him that pretend horses do not eat apples, but you can imagine how well this reasoning is going over with him.

Even if he has had his cookie and his horsie ride, Luke still talks to me constantly while we're shopping, pointing out things he sees, whining for things, talking about the things in our cart and how yummy they are and reminding me that we can't eat them until we get home. He jabbers so much while he's in the shopping cart that other shoppers usually stare at us as we walk by.

I remember the very first time I took Luke to Meijer. He was just one week old, swaddled against me in a sling, and to tell you the truth I was slightly disappointed when he slept through the whole thing and missed our first shopping experience together.  These days I'm just wishing that I could find some way to get him to sleep through a shopping trip again. oh sigh...


Posted March 13, 2012
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...wednesday, march 7, 2012...day 269...

It was such nice weather today, we decided to spend the morning in the backyard.  I was happy to get a little work done out there, and Luke was thrilled to be outside.  He spent nearly the entire morning discovering exactly what he is and is not allowed to hit with sticks. (Chair, yes, Mommy, no. Ground, yes, Toby, no. You get the idea.)

The banana song

Posted March 13, 2012
Posted by Michele

...tuesday, march 6, 2012...day 268...

I guess really, you could sing a song about anything. All you need is a guitar and an imagination.

"New" Car

Posted March 05, 2012
Posted by Michele

...sunday, march 4, 2012...day 266...

Cleaning out the basement this afternoon, I found a toddler car that I bought at a garage sale last summer but totally forgot to wrap up as a present for Christmas or birthday.  It was very dirty, but after a thorough cleaning I was pleased to find it fully functional with a horn and several other buttons that still work perfectly. 

Luke LOVES the car and has been on it nearly unceasingly all day.  Looks like we found a hit! Beep beep!

Concrete Hand Prints

Posted March 05, 2012
Posted by Michele

...saturday, march 3, 2012...day 265...

We had a concrete party this morning at the Williamson household. 5 guys came over to help Sam carry, mix, and pour concrete in the basement.  I'm still waiting on the after pictures of the project, so in the meantime I will just show you one moment from the day.

Sam wanted Luke's hand prints to be a permanent feature on the floor of his workshop, so they called him downstairs for a little movie star moment. 

Daddy helped him stick his hands into the wet concrete.

Cool, this is fun!

Um, does this stuff come off?