Aunt Rachel!!

Posted February 23, 2012
Posted by Michele

...tuesday, february 21, 2012...day 254...

We were very happy to welcome our friend Rachel back home to Grand Rapids this week. Not only are we excited because she finally got all of her stuff out of basement (ha ha, just kidding) but because now we will be able to hang out with her any time we like.


Take this evening for example. Rachel thought she was just stopping by to use our printer, but she ended up being cajoled into reading several books before she was allowed to go home. I don't think she really minded.

Super Luke!

Posted February 21, 2012
Posted by Michele

...monday, february 20, 2012...day 253...

Where a kid can be a kid

Posted February 21, 2012
Posted by Michele

...sunday, february 19, 2012...day 252...

We took the boys to Chuck E Cheese today. It was CRAZY. You try keeping track of three toddler boys in a sea of screaming children and arcade games.  We all enjoyed our afternoon of games and pizza, but we were also quite ready to go home and take a nap when it was over.  

Boat Show

Posted February 18, 2012
Posted by Michele

...saturday, february 18, 2012...day 251...

Continuing a long standing Williamson family tradition, we inaguarated Luke today with his first annual boat show experience.

He was very, very, VERY excited to climb in all of the boats, and we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Time for more presents!

Posted February 18, 2012
Posted by Michele

...friday, february 17, 2012...day 250...

Grandma Williamson came to visit this weekend to celebrate her little grandson's big 0-2.  Here is our photo documentation of our evening of opening presents.

We had to get this moment on camera, just to prove that Luke is a real 2-year-old now.

Slowest. Present. Opener. Ever.

These awesome Melissa & Doug shape puzzles are from Great Grandma Williamson. Love.

Look at this new awesome handmade cape from Grandma!

Grandma Love :)

5 Months

Posted February 18, 2012
Posted by Michele

...thursday, february 16, 2012...day 249...

The bump is coming along!

Bathing Trains

Posted February 15, 2012
Posted by Michele

...wednesday, february 15, 2012...day 248...

Luke has been begging us to allow him to take his "choo choos" into the bathtub with him.  Since they are battery-operated, we've had to give a hard fast no to this request.  I found myself wishing, "If only they made trains that you could take in the bathtub..." And lo and behold, what did Luke receive for his birthday but that very thing. My sister-in-law Emily must be psychic about these sort of things. Or maybe she just has lots of experience in raising a toddler boy!

Happy Valentines Day to me

Posted February 14, 2012
Posted by Michele

...tuesday, february 14, 2012...day 247...

I came downstairs this morning to a freshly cleaned kitchen and a Valentine's Day note :)

New Toys

Posted February 13, 2012
Posted by Michele

...monday, february 13, 2012...day 246...

I enjoyed a pleasantly quiet morning while Luke tried out some of his new toys.

I'm surprised he even knows what this toy is because the only thing we have in our house is a Roomba iRobot vacuum.  Also, I definitely should have tested it out at the garage sale before buying it because it is a WEE bit annoying.

These fabulous handcrafted blocks from Grandpa DJ have already been the cause of hours of creative play today.

Look Who's Two!

Posted February 13, 2012
Posted by Michele

...saturday, february 11, 2012...day 244...

Luke's second birthday is here at last!  I say at last because people have been mistaking him for a 2-year-old for a while now.  This is not due to any exceptional speech or intelligence on his part but merely because of his size. :)

 We had a blast celebrating the day with the DeJong family and along with little Becca, who turns 2 on the 13th.

We took all of the kids to the Holland Aquatic Center for few hours in the water.  The boys were happy as long as there was a basketball at hand.

Oh yeah Cody!!

Luke and Sam, waiting for water to fall on them.

Dinner at the Haigs. Loved the Mickey/Minnie theme that Christy put together for our slightly-Disney-obsessed kiddos.

Becca loves her new handcrafted blocks from Grandpa.

This is Luke saying, "I'm two!"