Christmas Tree

Posted December 06, 2011
Posted by Michele

...tuesday, december 6, 2011...day 177...

When Luke got up this morning and saw the Christmas tree, all he could say was, "baaaaallllllllll".

Ornament Fun

Posted December 06, 2011
Posted by Michele

...monday, december 5, 2011...day 176...

We finally started putting up Christmas decorations this morning.  I decided to gather all of the cheap ornaments we've collected over the years into a vase.  Luke was VERY excited about this project as it involved lots and lots and lots of "ball"s.

Here's the finished product:

Just the two of us

Posted December 04, 2011
Posted by Michele

...december 1-4, 2011...days 172-175...

Sam was out of town this past weekend, leaving Luke and I to find ways to entertain ourselves on our own.  With the help of our family and friends I would say we did not do too bad.

Luke spends every Thursday afternoon at Grandpa DJ's house, and on this Thursday I decided to join them for dinner.  Thus I discovered the kinds of things the two of them get into while I am gone.


Friday afternoon we visited our neighbors and played with them for a while. They have three preschool-aged girls who love to dote on Luke. He rather likes the attention, and was especially happy when they let us take their slide back to our house.

Saturday we drove to Ann Arbor to visit with Grandma W.  Luke is obsessed with her pool table and loves to take all of the balls out of the pockets and roll them around.

Luke did not fall asleep in the car on the way home on Sunday, despite the fact that it was far past bed time.  I let him play for a few minutes after we got home, and what did he discover sitting on top of one of our bags? Grandma has loaned us the coolest toy in the whole wide world - a football! 

Oh joy of joys.

Cars, cars, cars

Posted November 30, 2011
Posted by Michele

...wednesdays, november 30, 2011...day 171...

We visited a mall this morning to spend time at the children's play area. But instead of going up and down the slide a billion times like a normal kid, Luke decided to spend his entire morning climbing in and out of the 25c-ride cars and trucks stationed nearby.  Actually they now cost 75c a ride, which in my opinion is a complete waste of money as I have yet to see a child not totally freak out when their happily stationary motorcycle begins to whirl.  I also wish that people would stop paying for rides for their kids, because for the time being mine is blissfully unaware that these vehicles are supposed to move. Look how happy he is.  

I sat on a bench nearby reading a book for the better part of an hour. Oh what a difficult life I lead some days.

Hiding Places

Posted November 30, 2011
Posted by Michele

...tuesday, november 29, 2011...day 170...

Logan came over for a play date today, and before long he was finding cool places to hide around our house, which Luke was thrilled to discover with him. Lucky for me, these chairs don't exactly hide much.

Daddy's Hat

Posted November 30, 2011
Posted by Michele

...monday, november 28, 2011...day 169...

Daddy's hat...

...looks so cool on me...


Sunday afternoon nap

Posted November 29, 2011
Posted by Michele

...sunday, november 27, 2011...day 168...

We enjoyed a LAZY Sunday, with afternoon naps on the couch for all.  And yes, this picture was taken in the afternoon; Luke stayed in his pajamas all day :)

U of M vs that ohio team

Posted November 29, 2011
Posted by Michele

...saturday, november 26, 2011...day 167...

Saturday was a momentous day in Ann Arbor.  If you'd walked through the town in the afternoon, you'd have seen not a soul on the streets.  (I can't prove it, since I wasn't there, but... you get what I mean.) Everyone was either in the stadium or glued to their televisions at home.  We chose the television route, it being the more comfortable and cost-effective option, and a large crowd gathered at the Williamson house to watch the game.  To say that this family was invested in the outcome of this game would be a bit of an understatement.  They were jumping, shouting, cheering and (Christian-ly) cursing throughout the entire 4 hours. Even Luke refused to nap so that he could partake in the excitement.

Someone gave Luke potato chips, and just like that, he turned instantly into a couch potato.  It was scary.

Half-time break: reading books with Uncle Jonathan: so fun.  Luke loves The Little Engine that Could.

After the game, Uncle David taught Luke how to hike and pass the ball.  I must say, he got pretty good. I think we might have a future Wolverine on our hands!

Thanksgiving Weekend

Posted November 29, 2011
Posted by Michele

We spent a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving weekend with the Williamson family.  Luke was thrilled to have so many adults at his every beck and call!  Luke's parents were also thankful for an opportunity to just sit and read a book for a few hours.  

We didn't do much; just hung out and enjoyed each other's company.  Here are the pics from Thursday & Friday.

...thursday, november 24, 2011...day 165...
Each Williamson family get-together concludes with devotions and family prayer time, which is so cool.

...friday, november 25, 2011...day 166...
Luke came down with a fever in the afternoon on Friday. :( The poor little guy didn't want to do anything but snuggle on Grandma's shoulder for hours. I'm not sure that she minded all that much ;)