Easter Egg Hunt 2013

Posted March 29, 2013
Posted by Michele

Saturday, March 23, 2013

It may be the end of March, but baby, it's cold outside!  A little snow can't stop us from having some Easter egg hunting fun. We got together (inside) this morning for our annual Easter egg hunt with friends.

We're missing someone here...

there he is!

It doesn't take much to "hide" eggs from toddlers. Luke ran frantically around our friends' basement, excitedly picking up every egg he could find (including a real play egg from their kitchen set, which I had to return later). He was even more thrilled when he realized that there was CANDY inside!

Let la Semana Santa begin!

Stair Climbing

Posted March 28, 2013
Posted by Michele

Friday, March 22, 2013

As I mentioned, Judah has begun climbing stairs.  I received my first indication of his new skill last week when, from upstairs, I heard a loud thump followed by a cry of pain coming from the landing.  Oops... guess I'll be keeping that door shut from now on.

Nothing very exciting happens in this video; I just think its cute.

Here we go... success!

Judah's Innie/Outie Day

Posted March 21, 2013
Posted by Michele

Thursday, March 21, 2013

9 months in the womb. 9 months out.  Last week, Judah celebrated his "innie-outie" birthday, signifying that he's been alive outside of me for as long as he was in.  (And can I just say that I much prefer the second nine months to the first?)  He seems to be growing so fast.  His locomotor skills are always catching us off guard.  Now he's pulling himself up to standing, cruising on furniture, walking behind push toys, and yes, even climbed a stair last week.  When I catch him doing these things, two thoughts go through my brain simultaneously. The first is something like, AW YEA JUDAH THAT'S MY BOY!!!, and the second is, OMG PLEASE JUST SIT BACK DOWN RIGHT NOW YOU ARE TOO YOUNG FOR THIS.

You can guess which of those two thoughts domineered my brain last night.  I was helping Luke redress after a trip to the bathroom when I heard a suspicious sound coming from down the hall.  I quickly ran to the bathroom where I found Judah splashing away happily in the toddler potty. did I mention that it was full of Luke's bodily fluids?  

Thus we finished off our evening with baths, which nobody seemed to mind.

Here's another little guy at nine months - do you recognize him?  

Happy 9 months, Judah!

Luke's favorite color

Posted March 18, 2013
Posted by Michele

March 11, 2013

Well it happened.  Luke has finally chosen a favorite color.  I do not know when or how he settled on one.  He used to change is favorite color frequently; one day it would be red, the next day blue, the next day, "all of dem".  But he seems to have settled at last on a favorite color.  And alas.  It is pink.

Every morning when he gets dressed, he asks to wear his pink socks.  Then at breakfast, he asks for the pink plate and the pink bowl. After that, well.... he is really out of luck.  Because there is just no more pink to be had.  Honestly, there is not a single pink kids' item in our house besides those dishes and that one pair of socks.  Poor, poor Luke.

I'm not against pink for boys per say.  I love pink clothing pieces on little boys. Who doesn't?  And I know all of the arguments against socializing your boys against pink. It's just a color, after all!  But I have to admit that its starting to get a bit tricky.  Like when I asked Luke what color bike helmet he wanted for his new bike. (I know, I was asking for it.)  Of course, he wants pink.  A pink bike helmet, as you know, will not just be pink.  The background will be pink and it will be covered in purple flowers and red hearts and written across the front will be You Go Girl! in curly-cue writing.  Can I really, in good conscience, let my son wear that pink bike helmet out in public??

Sigh. Let the parenting dilemmas begin....

A little boy's apron

Posted March 17, 2013
Posted by Michele

March 7, 2013

Luke loves to be in the kitchen, helping me bake, cook, or (usually) splash around in the sink.  I decided that he needed an apron.  I knew I wanted something handmade, but when I looked around for one on Etsy, I was really disappointed.  There are hundreds, no, thousands, of adorable, ruffly, flowery aprons for little girls.  Where are the little boy aprons?  I cannot be the only person with a toddler boy that needs a little extra protection in the kitchen.

At last, I stumbled upon a seller with several aprons for little kids, including a few "boy" fabrics.  I found one I knew Luke would love.  And sure enough...


its a hit!

Judah and Grayson

Posted March 16, 2013
Posted by Michele

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Okay, I know I only have two kids.  Right? So where did all this chaos come from?  Why does my house seem to be filled with children?

While it's true we don't go many places during the day, Luke and Judah are never short on playmates.  At least twice a week I'm either swapping with another stay-home mom, or helping out a friend who needs some childcare.  I love it that my boys get a chance to socialize, while I get to reap the benefits off free babysitting when I need it. (Date night, anyone?) Besides, there is a certain age at which having a friend over is actually easier than watching your child alone, and Luke is approaching that age. [CUE HAPPY DANCE] Judah? Ummm..... not so much.  His favorite pastime continues to be stealing toys from other kids and sucking on them, so yeah, that doesn't go over well with play mates.  

We had Ian and Grayson here for a few days this week. My two boys must have strategized ahead of time and decided to switch roles. ("We can't both be good. That would make life too easy for Mom!") So Luke decided to be the mean one, and was downright vicious when it came to protecting his toys.  There were lots of time-outs for that little guy.  Judah did continue to steal toys, but as he was stealing from 10-month-old Grayson, it hardly mattered.  The two of them got along splendidly.

I guess great minds think alike.

Butterflies are Blooming

Posted March 14, 2013
Posted by Michele

Friday, March 1, 2013

The butterfly exhibit opened today at Frederik Meijer Gardens, making for a lovely family Friday afternoon activity.

Luke was very intrigued by the chrysalis display.

Judah had fun too :)

Yay for butterflies!


Posted February 28, 2013
Posted by Michele

Monday, February 25, 2013

One afternoon in January, Sam came home from the store with a kid-sized shovel just for Luke.  As soon as Luke saw it, he was in his snowsuit and out the door.  Since then, every day that there's snow on the ground (so yeah, every day), he begs to go outside and "shobel" with daddy.  

This afternoon I felt like getting outside and doing some work, so the boys and I headed outside to shovel.  I made Sam take a picture just to get documentation that I do sometimes help with the muscle work, even if it means I have to take two little munchkins with me.

Hugging is Nice

Posted February 26, 2013
Posted by Michele

Friday, February 22, 2013

As his little brother is now a serious security threat to just about every toy in his domain, Luke has had several conversations with us (if that's what you want to call them) about behaviors that are not nice.  These behaviors include hitting, biting, pushing, scratching, and sitting on, to name a few.  The list continues to grow as Luke uses his imagination to think of new ways to force Judah into submission.  Now sometimes he will ask us before he acts, like, "Is kicking nice?" or, "Is pulling nice?", or, the other day, "Is burning nice?".......... oh my.  It's a miracle that second children ever make it to their first birthdays.

On the flip side of this, there are two behaviors that Luke says are nice.  We quite agree, as they are hugging and kissing!  It's sweet, because Luke gives so many hugs, kisses, and "I love you"s to Judah throughout the day that it almost makes up for his not-nice acts of cruelty.  Almost.  But not quite. 

Still, I don't usually take pictures of my kids hurting each other, so all you get to see is the cute stuff. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Phone chat with Grandma

Posted February 25, 2013
Posted by Michele

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Luke does not know how to unlock our phones yet (and please don't teach him, okay??), but that doesn't stop him from imitating our phone habits.  He's been having lengthy imaginary phone chats, usually with Grandma, several times throughout the day.  For some reason he has adopted the phone speech that you see in this video.  It's very serious and I can't understand a word of it.  But I do understand one thing:  this is how I must look on the phone!