Posted August 04, 2011
Posted by Michele

...august 4, 2011...day 51...

Tonight we asked Luke to try to make his scrunchy "I don't like that" face:

Here's the actual "I don't like that" face:

Here's his answer to, "Where's Luke's nose?":

And here's a genuine smile:

Hugs for Grandma

Posted August 03, 2011
Posted by Michele

...august 2, 2011...day 49...

When Grandma came to visit today, she was rewarded with a big goodbye hug from Luke.

Goodbye, Dear Home

Posted August 03, 2011
Posted by Michele

...august 1, 2011...day 48...

Today the DeJong crew moved the remainder of the boxes out of the house and spent the day spraying down window screens and cleaning carpets.  I am trying not to be too nostalgic, but it is sad to leave my childhood home of 24 years.  I will miss this beautiful house which holds so many of my lifelong memories.

It's still on the market, by the way.  Cascade paradise, anyone?

Naked Fun

Posted August 03, 2011
Posted by Michele

...july 31, 2011...day 47...

Today we got blackmail / embarrassing graduation yearbook photos. 

Congratulations Ian and Luke, class of 2028!

Youngest Tuber Ever

Posted August 03, 2011
Posted by Michele

...july 30, 2011...day 46...

Don't worry, they were going about 5 mph.

No we did NOT pull them behind a boat by themselves like that! What kind of parents do you think we are??  


Posted August 03, 2011
Posted by Michele

...july 29, 2011...day 45...

Today was the first day of a long weekend away with friends.  This was Luke's first time really swimming, as in actually kicking his legs and stroking with his arms.  He loved floating around in his life jacket, and we noticed such a difference in his attitude in the water from the beginning of the summer.   He is becoming (gulp) a bit fearless.

Just Dance

Posted July 28, 2011
Posted by Michele

...july 28, 2011...day 44...

I am amazed by the variety of moves in Luke's repertoire.


Posted July 27, 2011
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...july 27, 2011...day 43...

Luke's new favorite word is "yeah".  You can see it in these two videos I took today, along with a few of his other words and signs.

Dance Pics

Posted July 26, 2011
Posted by Michele

...july 26, 2011...

Although you saw my fabulous shoes for Sam's aunt's wedding last weekend, you never actually got to see any people.  So those are my pics for today.  

Here's a picture to prove that, even though all you see on this blog is our child, Sam and I do actually still exist.

First dance.

I love this pic.

I love this man!