Standing on his own two feet

Posted April 07, 2011
Posted by Michele

Although Luke has been walking for almost 2 months now, he has not mastered the art of standing up on his own.. As it turns out, it's not that easy to go from sitting to standing when you're belly is the size of a basketball.  (Now that I think about it, I should have remembered that from pregnancy).  Luke's method of standing is to crawl to the nearest chair/table/leg/dog and use it to pull himself up.  Only then can he take off running.

Until one morning, however, when I looked over at Luke and realized that he was suddenly standing in the middle of the room. Um, how did he do that??  It may not seem that special to you, but even Luke knows that this is a pretty big deal.

New shoes!

Posted April 06, 2011
Posted by Michele

Now that it's April and a bit warmer outside, Luke can begin to explore the great outdoors for the first time in his life.  Last fall, his locomotion was limited to the roll.  But now that he's walking, let the adventures begin!

He's been wearing shoes for a few months now, but only the soft-soled kind that are ideal for indoors.  Outdoor adventures require outdoor shoes! So we pulled out Luke's first pair of hard-soled shoes this week.  At first Luke was hilarious, picking up his feet really, really high with each step and walking very slowly.  But I think he's beginning to get the hang of it!

Finally on the line

Posted April 06, 2011
Posted by Michele

Our cloth diapers have been through a lot lately.  Three poops a day are causing my previously spotless diapers to look a little under the weather.  I know that the best way to get the stains out of diapers is to dry them in the sun, but come on, what chance of sunlight is there during March in Michigan?  When we finally had a sunny day a few weeks ago, although it was only 35 degrees out I was determined to show my diapers the sunlight.  So we hooked up a clothesline and let them happily hang away.  Never mind that they almost froze before they dried.  The sunlight did them loads of good. And I think they look kind of cute all hanging there in a row, don't you?

Luke's NCAA picks

Posted March 19, 2011
Posted by Michele

For the last 8 years, my dad has organized a March Madness competition for our family.  We all pick a certain number of teams, and the person with the most wins gets a prize.  Grandchildren are allowed to enter the competition, as long as they participate some way in the picking process.

Last March, Luke was pretty limited in his ability to "choose" anything.  We basically read off the team names to him, and made our choices based on which ones he cried for the least.  This year, however, we wanted Luke to be much more involved.  So we pulled out one of his favorite toys, an alphabet spinner, and let him spin the letters of the teams that he wanted.

Luke's 2011 picks are Duke, San Diego St., Florida, Texas A&M,  and Clemson.  So far he's 4 for 5!

Gooooooo Duke!!

Little Houdini

Posted March 07, 2011
Posted by Michele

This morning was the second time I went into Luke's room and this is what I saw:

How is he getting his arm out of his sleeve without undoing the button or the zipper?  
And the more philosophical question is, why???

Drop Everything And Read!

Posted March 07, 2011
Posted by Michele

Reading books has become one of Luke's favorite pastimes.   He can now turn the pages and likes to stroke each page with his fingers, especially ones with any kind of texture.  Luke's mom and dad also love his new hobby because it means a little bit of snuggle time for us!

Unsuccessful Unwrapping

Posted March 07, 2011
Posted by Michele

Luke recently received birthday presents in the mail from his awesome Aunt Rachel.  Although he's a bit young to unwrap presents by himself, I thought I would let him have a go at it and see how far he got.  
Approaching the first present...
...this is going well....
Oh dear, paper stuck to the finger. 
Gotta get that off.
This is not working!
Let's try a new tactic.
NOW we're finally getting somewhere!

... and after Mommy helps with the rest...

aha! Now this is something I know what to do with!

A wii bit of fun

Posted March 01, 2011
Posted by Michele

Like all babies, Luke is obsessed with remotes.  Not that he has the least bit of an idea what the true purposes of a remote are.  For him, it serves as 80% cell phone, 15% chew toy, and 5% something to hit Toby with.

Here are some pictures of some fun we were having last week with a Wii remote.

Hello? Is this Pizza Hut? :)

Double Birthday Bash

Posted March 01, 2011
Posted by Michele

We threw a big bash DeJong-family-style last weekend in celebration of Luke and Becca's first birthdays.  Although these little cousins were born only two days apart, sometimes there seems to be far more than just 48 hours between them.  Luke always wears clothes a size larger than Becca, he weighs about 5 pounds more than her, and his stands several inches above her.  Just check out this picture below - who (doesn't) look like twins?

(Okay, to be fair, Luke's high chair is about 6 inches taller than Becca's in this picture. But still!)

Holding hands while they wait for their cake (how cute!):

But whatever Becca lacks in stature, she makes up in total adorableness. Just look at that fabulous cake face!

The whole gang was there for the gift-giving, including Andy and Hillary, sorta. This picture just cracks me up.

Cool Man Cody

Handmade blocks from Grandpa - we've been waiting for these! (They spell Luke's name. Pretty cool.)

I love birthdays!