Up, up and away

Posted January 13, 2011
Posted by Michele

The day we came home from Christmas vacation, I was standing in the kitchen when Sam walked into the house, stopped, and yelled, "Oh my gosh! Look!" 

I came around the corner to see this sight:

Looks like we're going to have to get used to keeping the door to the stairs closed from now on.

Christmastime was here

Posted January 13, 2011
Posted by Michele

Luke enjoyed his first Christmas at the home of Grandma and Grandpa Williamson.  We spent a wonderful and relaxing week there with lots of time spent with family.

Luke and Bekah all dressed up for church on Christmas Eve:

Luke enjoyed all of his new toys:

And he especially loved playing with one of Daddy's presents:

It was wonderful to spend time with Great Grandma Gainforth, too.

We love Christmas!

Laundry Bliss

Posted January 11, 2011
Posted by Michele

Just the other day, we were looking at a blog post featuring Ezra, Luke's 2nd cousin, playing in a laundry basket.  I commented to Sam, "Luke's never even touched the laundry basket." Luke must have heard me, or he and Ezra were scheming behind my back at Christmas, because the very next day, Luke discovered the laundry basket and proceeded to empty it all over the floor.  Apparently rolling around in clean laundry is a favorite pass time of little boys.  Ezra, we blame you for Luke's new messy habit!

Now if he could only learn to fold laundry, too...

Picky eater at last

Posted January 04, 2011
Posted by Michele

I take it all back. Apparently upon turning 10 months old, Luke has decided to become a (slightly) picky eater.  We should had seen it coming when he began to refuse pureed peas and green beans about a month ago.  This week, for the first time ever, he has started to spit foods back out.  

It all started Monday morning when I put some Cheerios on his tray.  Usually, he loves Cheerios. They have become a Luke staple. That cereal is it's own baby food group as far as I'm concerned. I thought I was an expert mother because I could always distract my kid, no matter where we were, no matter how fussy he was, even if it meant bribing him with food.  Hmf. I guess that "expert parent" feeling never lasts long.

First Ornament

Posted December 22, 2010
Posted by Michele

Well, we have a tree up this year.  And that, in my opinion, is an accomplishment!  It's a beautiful tree, made even more lovely by that fact that you can see so many of the bare branches.

Um, in other words, we don't have many ornaments.  We have maybe about 10.  Slightly pitiful, I know, but Sam and I didn't inherit any (and no Dad I don't want any of my handmade paper ornaments I left behind at your house), and we're too cheap to spend a lot of money on Christmas decorations.

So we decided it might be fun to start a new tradition of our own, and buy Luke one ornament every year.  Nothing fancy, personalized or expensive, just something that reminds us of what Luke was into that year.

So Luke and I took a trip down ornament lane together last week, and I searched for the ornament that I thought he would like best. There it was, hanging just for us at the end of the aisle. A small blue ball with a bell inside - just like his favorite toys at home.  I held it up to him, and he immediately grinned and grabbed for it, jingling it (and sucking on it) all the way to the checkout line.

So, our first new family Christmas tradition has begun!

Merry Christmas, Luke!

Rosy the Roomba

Posted December 22, 2010
Posted by Michele

When we first bought our iRobot Roomba Vacuum 2 years ago, we had high hopes that it would change our lives for the better.   No more vacuuming, no more sweeping, total bliss!  Well let me tell you, were have not been disappointed. Rosy the Roomba, as we call her (named after the robot made in the Jetsons) has never let us down.  On the contrary, today she exceeded even our wildest expectations.  

Rosy has been cleaning our house since before Luke was born, and up until this point, he has always ignored her.  However, suddenly today when she was humming merrily about the house, Luke took notice.  He was standing in his walker, transfixed, totally staring at Rosy for at least 10 minutes.  A while later when he was on the floor playing in another room, Luke actually crawled down the hall and started following Rosy around the family room.  He spent a good long while happily chasing her throughout the house.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have the first ever Robot Babysitter.

I honestly can't remember much from the Jetsons, but I do believe that today Rosy the Roomba took on new qualities of her namesake.  Who knows, maybe she'll be doing our laundry next?

Christmas Photo Shoot

Posted December 18, 2010
Posted by Michele

We have finally had our first official family photo shoot.  Family friend Rebecca Jasperse took some pictures for us on Calvin's campus, and I do say they turned out beautifully!  Here are our favorites:

Here's Becca's website if you want to see more of her work: http://www.wix.com/beccaelizabeth/beccaelizabeth

Merry Christmas from the Williamsons!

Is there anything he won't eat?

Posted December 13, 2010
Posted by Michele

Some babies eat to live.  Luke, however, seems to live to eat.  We sometimes ask ourselves, is there anything he won't eat?

Here Luke is trying some of uncle Dan's tasty venison. And... it's a hit!

(and the answer to the above question is yes, by the way. PUREED PEAS.)

Good times in the walker

Posted December 13, 2010
Posted by Michele

This is what we see every day as soon as Luke gets placed in the walker. Who knew that a little locomotion could be so much fun?

Happy Thanksmas 2010

Posted December 13, 2010
Posted by Michele

Over Thanksgiving weekend, the DeJong family celebrated our second biannual Thanksmas celebration, combining Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one glorious weekend.  Here's a day by day synopsis of our events:

THURSDAY Andy and Hillary make a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner, complete with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, bread, corn muffins, pumpkin cheesecake and apple dumplings. Am I missing anything? Oh yeah, and Dad provides the wine.

Here's Luke stuffing his face before everyone else even got to the table. I guess you're allowed to do that when it's your first Thanksgiving dinner ever.

The fam around the table

FRIDAY The dads spend the morning with the kids while the moms go outlet mall shopping :)

SATURDAY The tree is decorated, the presents are wrapped, it's time for CHRISTMAS!!!

SUNDAY lots of time today to play with all of our new toys!

Thanks everyone for a great holiday weekend!