Happy Father's Day

Posted July 28, 2010
Posted by Michele

Sam celebrated his (technically) second Father's Day this June.  Luke's not quite old enough to make breakfast in bed or anything, but he did give Sam a pretty nice gift by reaching for his face for the first time. It was too cute!

Wedding Season

Posted July 27, 2010
Posted by Michele

This June was a wedding extravaganza for our family.  We were invited to three weddings in one week.  Thankfully all three took place on different evenings, and even though Sam could only attend 2, and I had to miss one rehearsal dinner, Luke somehow was able to go to and enjoy all three.  He did not scream through any of the ceremonies, he did not sleep through them either.  He simply laid contentedly in his car seat, quietly listening to the homilies and contemplating the complexities of the sacred institution of marriage.  Or maybe he was only thinking about how yummy fingers taste in the mouth. I'm not really sure.

Here's Luke with his handsome groomsman daddy:

and his bridesmaid mommy:

Luke was insistent that he get a picture with the brides and grooms.  I know he's kind of pushy about those things, but nobody seemed to mind.

John and Amy Hughes

Luke's new (/ finally official) Aunt Hillary!

Groom Andy, Best Man Nate, and Best Baby Boy Luke

Sadly, I was too busy playing single mom at Stephen & Helen's wedding to take any pictures. But congratulations to you, too! And happy marriages to you all! :)

Luke is rolling!

Posted June 28, 2010
Posted by Michele

Today I put Luke on his tummy, and for the first time (instead of screaming his lungs out at me) he decided to flip over! 

In this video you can also see the classic index finger sucking that has become a common occurrence around here.

One baby, two baby

Posted June 23, 2010
Posted by Michele

I used to think that having twins would be fun.  Fun?? Was I crazy? We had a taste of the double-trouble life the other day when we had Becca over to our house to play.  Christy takes care of Luke and Becca (and Jonathan and Michael) every day, and seems to do it with ease, so we thought it would be no problem.  After all, we had a 1-1 ratio.  But Luke and Becca decided to have a spit-up contest, just to test our parenting capabilities.  First, Becca spit up all over our kitchen floor.  Then Luke spit up all over Sam's shirt.  Then Becca spit up all over my shirt. And Luke spit up on Sam again. Once we got Becca into the swing, she spit up a third time. Of course we had no extra clothes for her, so she had to sit there wet. All of our burp cloths and our clothes were soaked, and we just sat together and laughed. God bless our friends with twins!

Welcome to Chicagoland

Posted June 23, 2010
Posted by Michele

When Luke and I heard that Auntie Hillary was having a shower & bachelorette party in Chicago, we knew we had to be there!  We drove to Chicago for the weekend to see our family and friends.  On Friday, we stayed at the Wassenars' house, who graciously found a portable crib to borrow just so that Luke could sleep in it.  The next night, while I attended the "party for just girls" (as my nephew Michael calls it), Luke got to spend time with Auntie Jo and Uncle Kyle at their apartment.  Here are some pics from our adventure.

Kyle spent hours repeating Uncle Kyle, Uncle Kyle, Uncle Kyle to Luke over and over again, to no avail.  He is adamant that Luke's first words must be "Uncle Kyle".  Tragically, Luke still cannot say anything except ah-goo.  I'm not too shaken up over it.

Here's Luke with the glowing bride. When we told Hillary that she and Andy were expected to do their part to increase the DeJong Nation, Hillary's response was, "I'm Catholic. That's what we do." So... here she is practicing for 10 months from now.

I love being changed in the car, Mom!

Auntie Rachel, Mommy & Luke - traveling buddies!

America's Rollercoast

Posted June 14, 2010
Posted by Michele

Unfortunately, while most of senior trip week was a blast, I cannot say that Luke really enjoyed Cedar Point.  90 degree weather inside of a stroller is never fun, especially when your mom makes you wear a hat and slathers you with sunscreen.  Thankfully the air-conditioned first aid station had a couple of quiet rooms where we could rest for a while.  Or I should say that they were quiet, until Luke came in.  I found myself apologizing to complete strangers, "He usually doesn't scream this much, I promise!!" 

Here we are taking a break in a store (for SHADE) with Luke's favorite babysitter, Tara

In the end we had a great trip home, and Luke forgot all about his misery.  And I promised myself never to take a baby to Cedar Point again.

Senior Trip

Posted June 14, 2010
Posted by Michele

Sorry I haven't had much time to blog in the last two months.  Luke and I have been quite busy with all of the bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, and senior trip activities. Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen, Luke has now become the youngest ever (future) Potter's House student to take on the wild waters and high peaks of New River Gorge in Fayetteville, West Virginia.  While he didn't actually raft or rock climb (I'm not a crazy mother, okay), he was there with us through it all.

Here's Luke waiting very patiently for the rafters to come by.  We never did get to see them, as it started raining and we had to drive home.

They're back!

Luke had a cozy little spot strapped in the front seat of the bus, where he could watch the world go by.  Sure he cried a little, like when we were praying together before take off (great timing, Luke), but most of the time he slept the days away. And occasionally, when someone special came by, he would grace us with a couple of laughs.

Luke's Baptism

Posted May 22, 2010
Posted by Michele

On April 18, 2010, Luke was baptized into God's family at Madison Square Church at the Ford!

Luke was baptized with two other babies that morning:

No Luke, you can't suck on your pacifier during the baptism!

Oh man, God's grace is cold on my face!

After the baptism, Grandpa DeJong walked Luke around the sanctuary to show him off to the congregation:

Thanks, Pastor Alton!


Posted May 22, 2010
Posted by Michele

Most babies are considered to be the little squirts of their families.  When they arrive, they become the newest, tiniest, and sleepiest members of the clan for at least a year or so.  Luke, however, has already taken his place as the big boy amongst his little girl cousins.  

Just after his one-month birthday Luke met his new cousin, Allie Grace DeJong.  Although I don't think Allie ever woke up during the introduction, I'm sure she was happy to meet him.

The three proud mommies:

And the three new champs. The pics are all so cute, I couldn't pick just one!

And finally, let's put things into perspective. Luke may look like the big guy next to Allie and Becca, but next to their older brothers he's just one of the "little squirts" after all.

Grandma Greats

Posted May 22, 2010
Posted by Michele

Over Easter, Luke was able to meet his two paternal Great-Grandmothers. He is the first great-grandchild for both Grandma Gainforth and Grandma Williamson, so they were ecstatic to see him! Here are some great pics from the day:

The four generations: Luke, Daddy, Grandma, and Great"Grams" Gainforth:

Four generations again, this time with Grandpa and Great-Grandma Williamson:

What a good looking family! ;)